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Which should you choose?

This article is originally posted on adstrux.com on May 22,2021.

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The most important thing for business owners to know about Facebook advertising is that they are shown to people who are most likely to complete your goal. As a result, choosing the right goal is critical to your success.

When it comes to creating Facebook campaigns, having a good picture of what you want to achieve is extremely beneficial. Since the campaign goals correspond to the stage of the buyer’s path, this is the case. For example, if you approach a cold audience and ask them to marry you for the first time, you can scare them away. As a result, selecting campaign targets that will aid in the buyer’s journey is essential.

Facebook ads objectives are divided into three categories, each with its own set of goals: awareness, consideration, and conversions. Each ad objective is tailored to a specific stage of the sales process. If you’re unsure which objective to select or what choosing each objective actually means, this post is for you. Here, we share with you types of facebook ads objectives that are available for you.

1. Awareness

- Reach

This campaign objective is to encourage as many people in your target audience as possible.When reaching smaller markets, this objective would give you the best results because it allows you to reach as many people as possible while keeping your CPM minimal.

- Brand Awareness

If you want more people to know about your products, this campaign objective is a good one. This goal can also be used to increase traffic to your website.


2. Consideration

- Message

This campaign is designed to generate interest in your business, connect with Facebook users, and communicate with potential or current customers.

- Lead Generation

This campaign is effective in gathering leads for your business. You can create advertisements that gather information from people who are interested in your product, such as newsletter sign-ups.

- Engagement

This campaign works in a similar way as the “boost post” feature. Reach out to people who are more likely to respond to your post. Likes, comments, and shares are examples of engagement, but it may also include promotions claimed from your Page.

- App Installs

This campaign is perfect if you’re launching a new app you want users to download. If you’re running advertisements for a brand new mobile app with a small user base, you could set a target to increase the number of people who download it. You can accomplish this by targeting ads to people who are most likely to install your app by using this campaign objective. This objective can also be used to optimise for app events or purchase value.

- Video Views

The video views campaign is effective for raising brand awareness and providing value to customers. If you create a lot of educational video materials, you’ll want to choose this goal because it serves as a conversion prompt.

3. Traffic

Among Facebook managers, this is possibly one of the most popular campaigns. You may choose to optimise for link clicks or actual landing page views, which optimises for people who actually land on the destination page before the Facebook pixel loads.


4. Conversion

- Catalogue sales

This campaign is effective when you want to sell goods to users who have already seen your products. This feature allows you to create a product catalogue that will be served to visitors on their Facebook feed, encouraging them to return to items they’ve shown interest in.

- Conversions

This campaign is to encourage customers in completing a particular task on your website, such as adding products to a shopping cart, downloading your app, registering for your site, or making a purchase.

- Store Visits

Facebook will tell you who is near your physical store and gives you the option to contact them. You can advertise your physical business locations to people in the area. To use this campaign objective, you must have Facebook’s “Location Pages” set up. If you have several physical store locations, the Location Pages feature allows you to control all of your pages from one central location.




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